2015 Event Recap:

AFPD's Annual Turkey Drives distribute thousands of turkeys throughout Michigan and Ohio


It was another successful year for the AFPD annual turkey drives in Michigan and Ohio.  With the help from various groups and organizations around Metro Detroit, Lansing, Cleveland and Columbus who gathered together for the turkey drives, AFPD was able to help provide free turkeys to families in Michigan and Ohio for their Thanksgiving dinners. "Many retailers and other local businesses have given generously to this program,” says Auday Arabo, AFPD president & CEO. “This is one way our local member work together with the community to provide families in need with a holiday meal.”

This year marked the 35th consecutive year that AFPD has provided families in need with turkeys for the holidays.  The Detroit event was held on Friday, November 20th and was once again held at Motown Snack Foods Warehouse and it was easy to see why so many volunteers come back year after year.  "Just take a look at all the smiles on all the people," said Jim O'Shea owner of Motown Snack Foods.  "It's about everybody coming together for the holiday season."  

Since 1980, AFPD has donated more than 80,000 turkeys in the Detroit, Lansing, Columbus and Cleveland areas.

"It's our duty to help those who are less fortunate," AFPD member Ed Bahoura.  "I think people, in general, just love to help one another and this year it looks like we had more faces and more volunteers."

Detroit's turkey drive was made possible from the efforts of dedicated AFPD members and volunteers who have continued to provide their time and resources, year after year, for the past 35 years to help the local community have a special holiday.  "It's that time of the year to give back and when you have more, you do more," said Katrina Wilcox, a volunteer from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

The turkeys, distributed along with locally donated item from Faygo, Pepsi, D&B Grocers, Prairie Farms and Coca-Cola, went directly to the local community to help provide a special holiday meal.  "We house 106 veterans and this drive helps feed our Veterans and we sure do appreciate it," said Barry Cleveland, from the Michigan Veterans Foundation.

This year also marked the 6th annual turkey drives in Ohio which happened on Thursday, November 19th.  The Cleveland Turkey Drive was held at The Andrews Osborne Academy in Willoughby, OH and the Columbus Turkey Drive was held at Broadway Market & Cafe, just north of the downtown area.

"For those that have been blessed with much, much more is required of you to give to those in need," said Arabo.  "Our organization believes that we need to help all those in need and this our little piece and our way to give back to the community.  I can't thank the volunteers enough like Blue Cross Blue Shield, DTE, Coke, Pepsi, Faygo, the list goes on and on.  I want to thank them as well as all the other members who donated to this event.  Without them, none of this is possible."

The Lansing High Five Turkey Drive was held on Tuesday, November 24th Marshall Street Armory from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m..  This event distributed 500 turkeys and side items to families selected by Christian Family Services.

It is truly heartwarming to be a part of our Annual Turkey Drive.  To donate to the 2016 event, please click the link below or call the AFPD at (248) 671-9600. 
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